Products & Equipment


Perfect Little Maid uses “Clean and Green” products. These products are supplied by Swish Maintenance who are the experts in complete cleaning solutions. These products are environmentally responsible. Swish Clean & Green products do not contain butyl’s, phosphates, petroleum’s, dyes or fragrances and are all non flammable.

What makes these cleaners green? Swish Clean & Green products contain water, naturally derived and readily biodegradable surfactants and solvents.

Perfect Little Maid uses permanent colour coded spray bottles to match each Clean & Green. They are complete with the required HMIS ratings on back of each bottle.


Perfect Little Maid used a top of line , backpack  vacuum with heap filter. It is approved by the Heart and Lung Association.

Every ProTeam vacuum collects at least 99.9% of indoor pollutants one micron or larger. Such extraordinary capture rates are the result of years of engineering with our exclusive Four Level® Filtration System (shown below). To safeguard the indoor air quality of your facilities and to optimize the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

ProTeam’s Four Level Filtration:

ProTeam's Four Level Filtration